How do you decide between right and wrong?

Privacy and confidentiality..

When you take the MST, we will ask you for basic 'census' information, such as your age, gender, and country of residence. We will never ask for your name, phone number, or any other personally-identifying information.

The MST is still at the data collection phase, but we hope to be analyzing and publishing our results soon. Since knowledge of our hypothesis and preliminary results could bias test-takers' answers we cannot release data from each phase of our research until that phase is completed and the data prepared for publication.

We collect your email address and IP address because this information helps us ensure that we don’t give you the same version of the MST more than once. Email and IP addresses are stored in a part of the database that is separate from other responses, so there is never any connection between your identity and your answers. We will never share your email address with anyone.